Friday, April 30, 2010

Damn Right I'm The Fawkin' Princess!

I took a trip to Candy Nails and found this adorable Crown and in PINK! YaY! I love nearly everything Princess and Pink cause I'm the Princess WERD! XP :::giggles

I'm a shopaholic and everyone who knows me knows this! XP I tend to just buy and buy and most of it I never even try on let alone wear. Well, when I found this totally kawaii crown at Candy Nail's and I just had to snag it! I started to think what I had in my inventory that I had that would match it or if I had seen something some where that I just had to have that would! I remember going to KA Design's and picking up this totally sweet and hawt lingerie set!

I'm wearing my New LAQ Martina skin in their New skintone Mocha.. I fell in love with it! I loved the Nougat before but this is just soooo lovely!

Martina has a sweet face and lovely lip's. Still LAQ's skins have that slight prob with some seam's showing but like I said before for under 2K for a full fat pack of skins it's still a good deal if you don't plan on going nakkie and showing it all off that is.

The faces on the last few LAQ skins are starting to resemble each other too much and I am hoping the next time around I see a significant difference if not I'll pass.

I found this uber cutesie hair at MAGIKA and I fell in love! It goes perfectly with my Princess look. :)

Huggies ღ Kissies
The Princess ;)

NECKLACE: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: Broken Pearl Necklace
EYES: *YS&YS* - *YourSkin* SweetEyes Lila Natural Collection Complete
CROWN: Candy Nail - Candy Nail #A034 Hime Crown Pink
NAILS: Candy Nail - Candy Nail #P048 RUNWAY Pink NEW
LINGERIE: [KA] Designs - [KA] SENSUAL - Gogo (raspberry) (Boxed)
HAIR: Magika - Brown Pack - Chestnut
SKIN: LAQ ~ Martina [Mocha] Glow skin (10-pack)NEW
EARRINGS: [PACADI] - Paua Shell Earring [02](Shop closed, no longer available)

Options From INDI Designs

My bestie Luc stumbled upon INDI a bit back. Another great find from her! I just LOVE it because everything is so well made, even the accessories! You tell me how many outfit's that you purchased that you kept the accessories with it and actually wore them? Exactly! :P We ALL delete almost all the accessories every time because they aren't up to par. Let's be honest here, most are crap, lol. With INDI Design's I actually kept and wore every single accessory out of the box so to speak. I deleted nothing. Their accessories are just as well made as their wonderful clothing!

ALL the clothing you see me wearing here, including accessories minus the booties comes with the Brianna set! And ALL of it was for a good price no less!

These cool booties are also from INDI. They come with two options in which to wear them, stud's or no stud's.

I am showing just a few way's you can mix and match your pieces together to create whole new outfit but of course there are many other combination's that you can create of your own. It was a lot of fun making up new combo's but I didn't want to keep you and I here all day showing you them. XP

Most of all of INDI Design's clothing is sold in this wonderful way. I wish more shop's would cause it makes things soooo much easier!

I'm rawkin' my favorite nail's from A&A Fashion's. A&A has chic accessories @ good prices!

Huggies ღ Kissies

Style Card

CLOTHING: INDI Designs - Brianna NEW
BOOTIES: INDI Designs - Lombardi Booties black NEW
NAILS: A&A FAshion - Dangerous Nails2010/french NEW
EARRINGS: *BOOM* - *BOOM* G Hoop Earrins
NECKLACE: [ skream! ] Sylvanas Beadd & Chain Necklace NEW

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NEW Maitreya Gold Allure Heels

NEW Maitreya Gold Allure Heels are a high heeled sandal. Allure is available in three versions. Barefoot, with tights or socks.

I was thrilled to hear that Maitreya was coming out with new heels for their Gold collection!!! I was a big fan of their heels. I have every single fat pack of Maitreya Gold heels that have been made until now that I have either purchased or received as gifts from my sweetie. I say until now because I have no intention of acquiring the other fat packs. Why? I'll tell you why. While I am a big fan not only of Maiterya's heels I am also of their other items as well. I have purchased loads of their hairstyles, clothes, boots and so on. The reason why is while I think these are fashionable and I like them. After opening the box and trying them on they were just not as I expected them to be. I'm a shoe girlie and there is nothing I love more then gorgeous new heels!!! It make's my day! LOL. Everyone has *their thing* that they love the most more then others fashion wise and for me it's shoes not just here in SL but in RL as well. The Maitreya Gold heels just didn't do it for me this time. The toes are not quite as detailed as they have been in the past on their other beautiful heels.

There is another reason though. The Allure heels come with the three versions like I said, barefoot, tights and sock's. Each fat pack is nearly 10K. It's 10K for simply the option of wearing sock's or tights with these heels? I think that's just awful to charge so much when #1 the option's should be already included in the heel's or #2 we should be able to purchase them as a add on option. Either or would be fair to their loyal customer's who spend their hard earned cash, yes cash that we exchange for linden's to purchase these item's.

I made a choice however to purchase the barefoot version knowing well that I would be just receiving that the barefoot version and not the two others. I did because I thought they looked totally fab and I wanted them.

Now, don't get me wrong anyone has the right to charge whatever they like for their creations and offer what options they choose to but... just because you charge a certain amount whether a person chooses to pay that price is a whole different thing all together. My guess is that not many will shell out 10K for each of the three fat pack's which is roughly $39.00 USD's or after seeing them in person maybe not even one fat pack. If you see all of them being blogged more likely then not they were given them for free to blog them and didn't purchase them.

I must say I like and appreciate the way Stiletto Moody offers for some of her heels. With Stiletto Moody's add on pack's you get several tattoos, toe rings and different nail polish designs. All of that for approximately $1,500L. I think that is quite fair and I love that those cool extras are available for us to personalize our heels more to suit our own style.  Maitreya on the other hand is asking its customers to pay nearly $39.00 in USD's for socks and another $39.00 for tights. Yes, just socks and tights and yes $39.00 USD's for each because none of the shoes are different in ANY of the fat packs. They are ALL the same colors and styles and offer no extras other then those two above mentioned items.

I appreciate any creator who offer's more option's at a good price. The more cool options mean's more of a chance that someone will buy your item. Everyone loves getting more for their money.

To sum it up, I like mostly everyone would appreciate being given some respect as a loyal customer of a brand and being given more options at a good price and not having a creator being greedy and basically trying to charge a lot because they feel that they can.

Huggies ღ Kissies

HEELS: Maitreya - Maitreya Gold Allure Heels NEW

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Tribute To Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is a world renowned French Fashion designer who ruled over Haute Couture especially Parisian Haute Couture for nearly six decade's.

Coco Chanel invented the "little black dress" per say. The "little black dress" is considered the essential piece to a complete a wardrobe by many women and fashion observers, who believe it to be a "rule of fashion" that every woman should own a simple yet elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

This Beautiful new white satin and tulle gown from Phoenix Rising was made as a special tribute to the MOST famous fashionista of them all! "Gabriel Coco Chanel". The gown is only available at the following Phoenix Rising location for only $10L!!!

Some of my favorite Coco Chanel quote's.

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

"A women should wear fragrance everywhere she want's to be kissed."

Huggies ღ Kissies

GOWN: Phoenix Rising - Red Giftbox-White Coco Chanel tribute
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Mena - night
JEWELRY: $GaNKeD$  -  $GaNKeD$ Suri Jewelry Set in Yin Yang BOXED
SKIN:  LAQ ~ - LAQ ~  Martina [Mocha] Glow skin 3 (10-pack)

NEW Gala Phoenix's Beautiful ELF2

NEW absolutley breathtaking skin from Gala Phoenix of Curio! Elf2! I was so thrilled with my Elf skin and had hoped that Gala would make a 2nd version like she did for her gorgeous Cupid skins. I was sooooooooooo excited to hear that there was brand new Elf skin's being releaed. I must say she is beyond any expections that I had for her and loving Gala's skins like I do that bar was set pretty high. Gala never fails to live up to her reputation for creating such gorgeous skins! There are very few original unique skin creators on SL and Gala Phoenix is one of them. You can always recognize a Curio skin from all others, they always have a pure healthy beautiful look about them and they always have those gorgeous lip's!! No one can make beautiful sweet pouty lip's like Gala! No one!

I honestly can't pick a favorite skin from the bunch because I am love with them all! The first skin I tried on of the set was bluebird and omg it was love at first site! Gala gave each Elf skin the sweetest names like Blue Bird, Meadow, Sprite and Enchant.

ღ Thank you Gala ღ

Huggies ღ Kissies

LINGERIE: *Fishy Strawberry* - *Fishy Strawberry* Lingerie - En Provence - Blue
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Emme - almond NEW
SKINS: :GP: -  :GP: Elf 2-Sundust NEW
NECKLACE: .:A&M:. - .:A&M:. My Fabulous Necklace - Blue Pearls
EARRINGS: Maylo Designs - *Lathoya Set_Maylo Designs


Yes I am, yes I am and I'm lovin' it! Lot's of hawtness to show my beautiful fashionista's today! 

The NEW truth hair is out and it's totally fab! I'm addicted to hair, and skin's and shoe's and well almost everything! lol I totally love it when Truth comes out with new hair. I try and pick a favorite, most of the time's it's easier said than done. If I had to pick I'd choose Emme I think because I love the funky cuteness of her longish wavy hair off to the side and adorable color change ribbon that hold's her hair together. I just love it when special thingie's like that are added, don't you?

I picked up these hawt new Tube dresses @ Tart. They come in lot's of cool color's, I'm showing you the Camo, White and Blue here. The folds of fabric on the dresses are realistic looking and not cheesy. The best part for last. Check out that nippy action? XP Doesn't it look realistic!? I love it, it's so hawt. Leave it to TART!

Sole.... I stumbled upon this shop on the Candy Nail's sim. I am SO happy that I did! The photo's of the item's looked great but you know how that goes sometimes. Sometimes these things are photoshopped to death and... well yeah.. My first item from them was "a" antique patch belt as in "one antique patch belt". They were sooooooo well made and hawt I had to get them all! LOL. They are so chic and realistic looking. They come with or without skull's and in lot's of gorgeous color's! They are very easy to resize with a menu so that you can get the desired effect. I love wearing my belt's more slung low then any other and I can do this easily with these belt's. I'm going to be showing you more of my antique patch belt's in another posting.

While @ Sole I came across soooo many hawt item's that it was very hard not to walk away with ton's of thingie's. I picked up this Star necklace and Earring's that you see me wearing hair that I just fell in love with!

A&A Fashion.... These nail's are freakin' hawt personified! I LOVE them! I'm wearing the french nail version, the manicure on the nail's are realistic looking! The nail's have piercing's and beautiful ring's. I previously used to wear a nail HUD that is sort of like this from Mstyle but after trying A&A's I now have a much better new favorite! A&A Fashion offer's some of the hawtest fashions and cutting edge accessories at great prices. If you haven't been you must go and take a looksie, you'll love what you find!

Last but not least is my skin from the Unique Megastore. I don't know if it was their intention to make Sophie look like it or not but Sophie reminds me of Angelina Jolie especially her pouty lip's! I just love her! Not Angelina.. the Sophie skin, lol. Angelina herself, well.. IMHO she is more of a major skankaROO and not a fav celeb of mine but she has hawt lip's and a really beautiful face which is a good thing for her of she wouldn't have a acting career! XP

More hawtness coming up today for all my fashionista's including a gorgeous dress on the cheap that is  MUST HAVE! See you in a little bit! ღ

Huggies ღ Kissies

HAIR:  HAIR: >TRUTH<  -  >TRUTH< Annette, Emme and Tesa NEW
EARRINGS: :::Sole - :::Sole 3-STAR-R Piace::: NEW
BELT'S: :::Sole   - :::Sole Antique patch belt's shown in  Stingray, White Skull and Oceane NEW
NECKLACE: :::Sole - :::Sole Four-STAR Necklace::: NEW
SKIN: UNIQUE MEGASTORE - Sophie_M1_sexy_breasts_by_Nany_Merlin
NAILS: A&A FAshion - A&A FAshion  Dangerous Nails2010/french NEW

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Giftie @ Vita's Boudoir

NEW gorgeous Pousse de Printemps dress available now as special giftie from the very talented and sweet Vitabela of Vita's Boudoir. You can find this amazing dress only at her new location!

While you are there make sure to join the the subscribo to be informed of all of her latest creations and special giftie's. Be sure to take a look around you will be in total awe of the gorgeous unique ethereal like fashion's that Vita creates. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent.

I'm wearing one of the very beautiful New Lola skins from Tik Tok. One skin in Lola collection is prettier then the next. I will be showing you all of them in another posting.

My jewel's are from $GaNKeD$! One of my very places for beautiful fashion jewelry! My Pink Pomp jewel's goes perfectly with Vita's beautiful dress.

Annette is one of the New beautiful hairstyles from Truth Hawkes.

Huggies ღ Kissies

DRESS: Vita's Boudoir - Pousse de Printemps
SKIN: TIK TOK - TIK TOK/Lola skin/Miah McAuley
HAIR: >TRUTH<  -  >TRUTH< Annette
JEWELRY: $GaNKeD$  - $GaNKeD$ Pink Pomp Jewelry Set

NEW Stiletto Moody Bare Brigitte!

NEW from Stiletto Moody are these gorgeous Bare Brigitte heel's!! They are soooooooooo gorgeous! I especially am loving the sweet peep toe and bow! Right away I began creating outfit's to wear with my gorgeous New Moody's! Brigitte comes in lush color's, some of them are even two toned! :)

As with all of Ms. Moody's heel's they come with a easy to use HUD that allows you to easily change your skintone, nail polishes, metal options and re size.

Ms Moody has been delighting all of us as of late with her simply gorgeous heel's! I know you can't wait to see what's next! Neither can I! XP One thing is for sure whatever it is that she has in store for us will be truly gorgeous and in the high fashion style that only "thee shoe fashionista goddess" herself can create!

Huggies ღ Kissies ღღღdancerღღღ

HEELS: Stiletto Moody - Stiletto Moody Bare Brigitte (ColorSet) (lrg) NEW

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adorable MerMunch @ Fantasy Faire 2010!

The Fantasy Faire 2010 is ending in a few hour's! You still have time to go and snag this adorable FREE MerMunch@ Evie's Closet's tent! Don't know what  MerMunch is? Neither did I but now that I do I want more! They are simply adorable! You can even hear a Muffled Faery Laughing sound when you walk! LOL

I picked up the cutest GolifishMunchie while I was there also. The Goldfishie is specially priced @ only $50L just for the Faire! It's right in front of the tent near the MerMunch.

Evie also has two beautiful dresses specially priced for the Faire only @ $50L each!

The beautiful Fairy outfit you see me wearing is one of Evie's very popular design's "Ariel"! Evie made her in these gorgeous color's just for the Faire! Ariel comes with a few different option for you to choose from in which to wear it including modesty pant's and shirt's.

All the profit's from each sale of this sweet Ariel Fairy outfit will go to the Relay For Life chairty! You will be getting the sweetest Fairy outfit, helping out a great cause at the same time and getting a free adorable MerMunch! What more can you ask for?

Evie's Closet makes the most beautiful, well made and unique Fantasy fashion's on SL bar none! If you haven't been you simply must! Especially if you love Fairies like I do!! This is the LM to Evie's main store location.

Disclaimer: No actual Mermaid's or Goldfishie's were harmed! :D

Huggies ღ Kissies

OUTFIT :  Evie's Closet @ Fantasy Faire 2010- *Evie's Closet* Rainbow Ariel
DRESS: Evie's Closet @ Fantasy Faire 2010- *Evie's Closet* Rowena - Dark
MUNCHIE'S: Evie's Closet @ Fantasy Faire 2010-
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Emerald - swedish

Spring & Summer Yumminess @ :::LiNe:::

I hope all of my fashionista's have been doing well! :) Life has me swamped right no with so many thing's to do. So please be patient with me for a few more day's and I'll be showing you much more hawtness faster! It make's me soooo  happy to see that so many of you have found my bloggy and come back time and time again to visit, it's because of all of you that I try harder! ღღღThank You!ღღღ

Lot's of total hawtness to show you from one of my very shop's LiNe! LiNe's design's always amaze me because they do something that is very hard to do. They combine total smexiness and cuteness at the SAME time! We all know that Smexy and Cute = deadly combo thats sooooo irresistible! XP

The Hope mini dresses are so pretty and the color's are so sweet I like the the way they fade in. Don't you just LOVE the way the dress has that detail on the tummy that make's your ab's look SOOOO smexy?

I love the broken pearl necklace, it comes with a color menu hud that allow's you to tint your pearl's in many color's. My earring's are also by LiNe, they come in a pack of lot's of color's almost every color you can think of and they are so inexpensive! They have lot's of other cute accessories like these that come in packs with lot's of color's at great prices as well.

These CrazyFirFir skirt's are the CUTEST and HAWTEST skirt's ever! I just love the cutsie layered ruffles OMG! They come in sooooo many adorable print's that are just like candy you just can't get one! I tried... but you see ho that worked out. XP

LiNe's Dazzle heel's are so beautiful. Their color's are simply gorgeous and are just perfect for Spring and Summer! The Dazzle heel's that you see me wearing here are only a small sample of the many color's that they are come in. You can get them in basic, bright's and dark color's as well.  The Dazzle heel's a;lso come with a easy to use HUD that allows you to change your skin color, resize, nail polishes, chain /no chain etc. One of the best features that I love the most is that they you can change the color of the beautiful FLOWER"S to many different color's to match your ourfit!!! :)

My gorgeous Tiffany skin is from the Unique Megastore, Tiffany comes in many lush makeup combo's that are to 2DIE4! I made this shape especially for her to show off her beautiful shaped face and luscious lip's.

A special thank you to my BESTIE who I love ith all my heart who introduced me to a cool Graphic's software that she has been telling me to use forever but I didn't try it! :X You are right Luc! It make's some thing's so much more easier to do! I love it! Kissiesssssssss 

Huggies ღ Kissies

DRESSES: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: Hope Dress/FatPack
EARRINGS: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: DubleRing Color Set
NECKLACE: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe:::  Broken Pearl Necklace
SKIRT'S: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: CrazyFirFir /FatPack
HEEL'S: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: Dazzle Heel's
BANGLES: PACADI JASHA (No longer available, the shop has closed)

Friday, April 23, 2010

[KA] Designs Stunning Rabea

NEW gorgeous Rabea skin in tan by [KA] design's! [KA] Design's does not only offer totally fab unique fashions but they also offer GORGEOUS skins as well! My gf's and I weren't aware of this fact until we decided to take a looksie around their sim. I purchased my very first fat pack of gorgeous skins from them that day and have been hooked ever since.

Kira Ahn, [KA] Design's owner and very talented designer create's some of the most beautiful skins that have that refined high fashion haute couture model look about them. Her Bardot and Garbo serie's are simply 2DIE4!

Rabea has the most gorgeous face even in her bare make up state as you can see her face is simply stunning!

Don't you just love her high fashion and glam makeup's? Kira did such a outstanding job on her! I wanted to show you a more close up view of her eye's because they are so fab. And... omg her eyebrow's! They are perfection!

Overall Rabea is a STUNNING and refined glamorous beauty that is a MUST have especially if you are into high fashion!

Huggies ღ Kissies

HAIR: >TRUTH< Emme - barley NEW
DRESS: ::HH::  - ::HH:: Hucci Free Flow - Fresh Lawn NEW


NEW Hucci Rufflekini's!!! Is that not the cutest name for these smexy beauties?! I LOVE the name and I totally LOVE these Rufflekini's! Eboni did a great job on these, I just love the super yummy colors that she chose! This is the first we have seen with a design like this, it's soooooooooo smexy and yet sweet at the same time!

The hawt Leopard Rufflekini is a Hucci Group Giftie! YES! Can you believe it? Eboni alawys gives out the bestest group giftie's so be sure to join the subscrbo when you stop by!

I'm rockin' the NEW TRUTH Annette hair in Barley and glam pearl earrings from A&A Fashion!

Last but not least is this gorgeous NEW skin you see me wearing here from [KA] Design's! Isn't she 2Die4? Her name is Rabea and she is part of their stunning Garbo series of skins! I'm be showing you more of her later on.

Huggies ღ Kissies

RUFFLEKINI'S: ::HH:: - Hucci Rufflekini Tropical Collection NEW
HAIR: >TRUTH< Annette - barley NEW
EARRINGS: A&A Fashion - A&Ana Pearl Earrings

RUFFLEKINI'S: ::HH:: - Hucci Rufflekini LEOPARD NEW (GROUP GIFTIE in Subscribo)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NEW Gorgeous *YS&YS* Andrea

YourSkin and YourShape recently has released three NEW gorgeous skin lines. Andrea shown here, Barbara and Charlotte! All three are just gorgeous. YS&YS did an amazing job with the new makeup combo's for these skins. I especially love the eyeliner detail around the eyes! They are just gorgeous!

As always with their skins they have that beautiful healthy glow about them. 

SKIN: *YS&YS* - *YS&YS* - Andrea - Full Pack NEW