Monday, June 28, 2010

Keeping Cool in the Summer with Bathing Suits from N1CO

Gotta Love Summer!

The beach, the people, and the good times!  Come prepared to party by rockin' these great bathing suits from N1CO ranging from being at the beach in Hawaii, surfing in Cali, to a great shark attack bathing suit.  All these bathing suits are a great start to getting your summer warmed up and getting the ladies feeling hot and you feeling cool.  I really enjoyed rocking these lounging around my beach and work great for almost any beach occasion whether its a Party to just lounging around.

Keep it cool!
Carlos Kirshner

Wearing (From left to right.):
N1CO - N1CO beach wear - Koi
N1CO - N1CO beach wear - Shark
N1CO - N1CO beach wear - Surfer

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BLISS-fully Beautiful Summer Gowns

 *Bliss Couture* Mischa Gown (Meadow Green)
$GaNKeD$ Flutter Blue
[ 69 ] DIVA - Noir Collection

 *Bliss Couture* Avril Gown (Blue)
$GaNKeD$ Pink Pomp Jewelry 

Two gorgeous gowns for summer time in beautiful vibrant colors by Bliss Couture. Bliss Couture is well known for making some of the most beautiful gowns that SL has to offer. 

I fell in love with the Mischa gown. The bodice of the gown has a subtle stylish pattern and beautiful bow in the back. I fell in love with the gorgeous meadow green color.

Avril is a lovely gown with the always flattering empire waist that is accented with a blue sash with a gorgeous sculpted flower. The gown itself has such lovely textures, it's delicate yet vibrant.

Both Mischa and Avril come in several gorgeous colors, one is prettier then the next!

I'm wearing jewelry by Ganked. Misti designs bold and very stylish pieces that are to die for! 

I picked up this gorgeous updo hairstyle at the recent Hatti fair event. The flowers and headband itself are color change. I am pretty sure it was exclusive to that particular event but it never hurts to check and see if it's still available.

Huggies ღ Kissies

NEW aDIVA's Modern Gurl n' Beautiful Evelin

NEW from aDIVA is this cool Modern Gurl ensemble that you see me wearing here. I just love it! My favorite piece I would have to say is the very stylish trousers w/belt. Would you believe that belt and pretty hair scarf come along with the Modern Gurl outfit? It does! AnneJoy Paine, aDIVA's owner and designer always thinks of everything! That's yet another reason why I love shopping there, she almost always includes accessories along with her outfits. You know when you purchase a outfit and if, that's a big if... If it comes with accessories they are 9 times out of 10 crap that you will never wear and that you end up deleting. I must say when AnneJoy includes accessories with her outfits they are always top quality! I have never deleted one piece, that's really saying something because those of you who have been reading my bloggy know that I'm very picky, lol.

AnneJoy has a wonderful group that is a must join! Anne gives out lovely group gifties frequently as well as special discounts. Every single week she puts out a exclusive ensemble for sale and all of her group members get it for half price!! It's a pay per join group @ $250L but worth every penny, you'll be getting that back almost with just purchasing one weekly group special.

I'm wearing Your Skin & Your Shapes Newest gorgeous skin Evelin! Evelin has the most beautiful realistic looking complexion with very delicate pretty freckles and gorgeous makeup combination. As always with YS&YS skins you are given a hairbase/no hairbase and cleavage options. Perfect skin for blonde's and red heads alike. I'll be showing you the complete collection of Evelin skins in a up in coming postie. I just couldn't resist and had to show her off now with my new sweet aDIVA ensemble, this makeup version of Evelin goes so well with it!

My handbag is also from YS&YS, it comes in lots of colors and prints to choose from along with two different attachment points. For the price of two hand bags at almost every other shop you can get a whole fat pack of beautiful handbags from YS&YS.

My "go to heels" as of late are Pixel Mode's beautifully made Baby T heels! I just had to get them all. They also come in a super cute sock version as well!

BTW: props to AnneJoy for spelling "Girl' the way it really should be which is "Gurl"! My NY/NJ gurlies know what I'm talking about!! Total hawtness! ;)~

Huggies ღ Kissies

OUTFIT: aDIVA - aDIVA Couture Modern Gurl NEW
SKIN: YS&YS - YS&YS Evelin Evening Blonde Hair NEW
HEELS: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby T Plain : Fat Pack : 19 Colors (Russet) 
HAIR: LAQ - LAQ ~ HB-style #07

Sweet Sunflowers From N1CO

I just love this adorably cute n' pretty Summer Sunflower dress from N1CO! The bow on the front of the dress is such a lovely added touch. Noreia has thought of everything! She has even included this sweet hair and hat combo with pretty sunflowers. How cute is that?! :)

Huggies ღ Kissies

DRESS N' HAT: N1CO - N1CO Summer dress NEW
SKIN: Lara Skin

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TRUTH Is I'm A Diva

I've made the decision to remove the close up views of the skins that were previously posted in this spot as it has been brought to my attention by some very nice people who read my blog that the skins were stolen. I do appreciate it being brought to my attention as I do not wish to support such behavior in anyway shape or form.

The face has been obscured as to not show the skins. I did this for two reasons. Firstly, The designers that created such lovely items deserve to be shown as they have worked very hard to make them. It wouldn't be fair for their creations to be removed because of the wrongful actions of another. Out of respect for them I am keeping up the remainder of this posting and removing all credits and reviews about the skins themselves. Secondly, I also put my time and effort into this posting and would not like it to have been for nothing. I'd like it to be left in hopes that it could help some in some way and for others to enjoy.

I do want to make this clear though the reason why I removed the skins was not because I was simply told that they were stolen. I do not believe in basically calling someone a thief and being their judge and jury without having proof of such. To me that would be convicting someone without the facts. Anyone can make a statement as such but to prove it is another matter entirely.

My bloggie is not about bringing in drama, to hurt or take part in hurting anyone. Therefore if you have any negative comments about the person(s) involved please don't post it here and take it up with them personally.

Huggies and Kissies

HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Lourdes - mahogany NEW
DRESS: A&A Fashion  - A&A Fashion Basia Dress Blue NEW

HAIR:  >TRUTH<  - >TRUTH< Tina - mahogany NEW
DRESS: A&A Fashion  - A&A Fashion Basia Dress Pink NEW
NAILS: A&A Fashion  - A&A FashioN -Linka Nails-Pink
BRACELET: *JD* - *JD*Bracelet snake pink

HAIR:  >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Marnie - mahogany NEW
DRESS: A&A Fashion - A&A Fashion Basia Dress Black NEW
NAILS: A&A Fashion - A&A FashioN -Linka Nails-Black

Diva's Eve Skrippa Pink Gold 
Diva's Eve Skrippa Blue Gold 

New Truth hair. Don't you just love love love!? All of the hairstyles are just fab as always! As soon as I seen Tina I knew she would be my favorite out of the new hairstyles because of the pretty color change hair bow!

New from A&A Fashion are these beautiful summery baby doll dresses in pretty colors that have a lace like pattern to them. It's so pretty the way the fabric on the dress just moves with you when you do. You can choose the sheerness of the coverage on top portion of the dress. I liked the bare sheer version the best. XP

My sandals are from Diva's Fine Shoes. These sandals are just that! Fit for a DIVA! I just love the sparkly pretty colored stones and the ultra high heel!! They matched my new baby doll dresses from A&A Fashion perfectly.

You know as well as I do that matching the skin tone that we are wearing with your prim toed shoes is a major pain in the butt!! Diva has one of the sweetest services available. Just put on the heels that you purchased from them and stand on a special stand. One of their very friendly and helpful shop assistants that work there will then get the exact RGB numbers to match the skin you are wearing. All you then do is copy and paste the string of numbers in chat and there you go! A perfect match for the skin you are wearing! So fast and so easy! Don't you wish every shoe shop would offer that?? How other shoe makers haven't thought about this idea before I will never know!

Huggies ღ Kissies

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NEWness @ Twisted & Spoiled!

::Twisted & Spoiled :: Cheeky in Red

::Twisted & Spoiled :: Cheeky in Sky Blue

::Twisted & Spoiled :: Feisty in Dirty Blue

::Twisted & Spoiled :: Feisty in Dirty Blue

Talk about hawt!? Twisted & Spoiled always has it covered!! The Cheeky dresses can be worn in the two ways shown. My favorite is the skirt hiked up on one of your butt CHEEKS! ;X It's so cute and smexy at the same time! See the beautiful heart necklace I'm wearing with my Cheeky outfits? They came with it!! Twisted and Spoiled more likely then not will include accessories in with their outfits. Each and every accessory that they include is very well made. You know it yourself that if accessories are included with a outfit they are total crap and end up in your trash! You won't be deleting any of Twisted & Spoiled accessories!

My gorgeous I CE COCO's - Adriana and Doudi skins that you see me wearing here are from a relatively new skin creator Leona Olivieri. All of her skins have the most beautiful faces.  I especially love the complexions and gorgeous lips! You'll be seeing a lot more of Leona Olivieri's skins in the future I'm sure!

Huggies ღ Kissies

OUTFIT: ::Twisted & Spoiled :: Cheeky in Sky Blue NEW
HEELS: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby T Plain : Fat Pack : 19 Colors (Royal)
SKIN: .::: I CE COCO :::.Adriana::: SKIN.2-PALE NEW 
EARRINGS: Mentine <3 ~ onyx black jewelry set*
HAIR: >TRUTH< Emerald - night

OUTFIT:  ::Twisted & Spoiled :: Feisty in Black NEW
SKIN: .::: I CE COCO :::.Doudi SKIN.D.2.Pale NEW
NECKLACE: *JD* - *JD*NECKLACE black heart
HAIR: Mustache - Hilton - Blacks

Sunday, June 6, 2010

:::LiNe::: I love 69 & 55Linden PINK Pretties

NEW pink pretties from LiNe! Lots of pretty pinkness! YaY!

The Bonbon shirt is so pretty, well detailed and has the cutest name!  

These are new jewelry designs from LiNe and they are just gorgeous!! There are pretty diamond stones surrounding the bangle bracelet that sparkle without having that yucky over done blingness. I can't wait to see what other color combo's they come out with. 

Both the Bonbon shirt and Shelly jewelry set go together perfectly! For those prices you can afford to snag both without spending lots of linden's but you need to hurry cause this is a weekend only event! Come Monday it's gone. 

My pretty leggings are from LiNe as well. The cut outs on either side of the leggings have pretty prim bowties on them. Such a sweet added touch.

I just love Truths NEW Tina hair! It's so sweet, it comes with a color change hair bow. I just had to wear the Tina in the bubblegum shade. :D

Poetic Colors has out NEW free gorgeous eyes! Poetic makes the best eyes on SL IMHO! You have to snag these beauties before they are gone!

Huggies ღ Kissies

SHIRT: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: Bonbon /Pink(*I love 69 ... Linden!* [Sension5]) NEW
LEGGINS: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: Bengisu Leggings/ FatPack NEW
JEWELRY: :::LiNe::: - :::LiNe::: Shelly/Pink-Gold (55 Linden) NEW
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Tina - bubblegum NEW
SHOES: Periquita - Periquita Funny Girl Flats:.
EYES: Poetic Colors - Poetic Colors Cosmic Dream Eyes - Freebie NEW

STUNNING Bridal Lingerie

I stumbled upon this GORGEOUS pristine white Bridal lingerie a couple of weeks ago on one of my trips to BarerRose. How stunning is this set and for only 140L??! I couldn't believe it either!

I just love B@R there are lots of hidden gems all over the store that you can work with to make beautiful fashionable outfits.

Rozoregalia makes the most stunning jewelry! Yumi's Aludra earrings and ring put the finishing touches to make it all come together.

Huggies ღ Kissies

LINGERIE: ::: B@R ::: - ::: B@R ::: Bridal Harness
SKIN:  -Belleza- - -Belleza- Elle,  Group,  Giftie (No longer available)