Friday, September 10, 2010

We are moving!!!

SL Hawtness has MOVED! Come check us out our new website! Remember to re subscribe as a follower to the new website and update your bookmarks! Huggies ღ Kissies

Monday, September 6, 2010

NEW Truth & Glam Affairs SofiaV2

Hair: >TRUTH< Orchid - chestnut - On Xstreet
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofiav.2 - Dark - 01

Hair: >TRUTH< Raquel - chestnut - On Xstreet
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofiav.2 - Dark - 02

Hair: >TRUTH< Jersey - chestnut - On Xstreet
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofiav.2 - Dark - 03

 Hair: >TRUTH< Cindy - chestnut - On Xstreet
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofiav.2 - Tan - 05

Hair: >TRUTH< Janelle - chestnut - On Xstreet
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofiav.2 -Tan - 01

Hair: >TRUTH< Miranda - chestnut - On Xstreet
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofiav.2 -Tan - 09

Gorgeous new hair from TRUTH! He never ceases to amaze me with his totally fab designs! TRUTH hair is available at his shop of course but did you know that you can also purchase TRUTH hair on Xstreet as well? You can! Just click on the previous "Xstreet" links to the hair that you are interested in to get a FREE demo!

Glam Affair's new SofiaV2 skin is just beautiful! GA's popular Sofia skin now comes in new glam makeup's and a totally re-done smexy body that is well defined! SofiaV2 is shown here in both the Dark and Tan skin tones.

Huggies ღ Kissies

Monday, August 30, 2010

Stunning Bliss Couture Mimmi & Alienbear

This absolutley stunning Mimmi gown is designed by Bliss Couture! Mimmi was designed for Mimmi Balboa. Mimmi comes in several lush colors. One is more beautiful then the next! Amutey DeCuir is one of SL's very talented fashion designers. Her designs never cease to amaze me. Each gown is unique and gorgeous. 

Alienbear made this equally breathtaking jewelry that you see here. Talk about about a perfect match that is just stunning! Their jewels are fit for a Princess like no other you will see on the grid! Their gorgeous stones are faceted with just a hint of natural sparkle. Combine those beauties with their extraordinary designs and wow!

If you are looking for that perfect gown or jewels for that special occasion that is a show stopper I would highly recommend visiting Bliss Couture and Alienbear.You most assuredly will not be disappointed!

No other heels would look as perfect with this ensemble then the Crème de la Crème of heels then Stiletto Moody. I'm wearing my Bare Olivia heels from Ms. Moody's new stunning collection!.Olivia comes in many delicious colors as well as two tone color combination's.

Huggies ღ Kissies

[Styling Credits]

Gown: *Bliss Couture* - *Bliss Couture* Miss Bliss Couture Mimmi Gown (Blue) NEW
Jewels: Alienbear - Alienbear's (Mimmi full set blue) NEW
Heels: Stiletto Moody - Stiletto Moody Bare Olivia (ColorSet) (lrg)
Hair: booN - booN hairpieces DARE82 black

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Romantic G Field

G Field makes such romantic and beautifully made fashions, footwear and accessories. This Maxi Mellow dress is no exception. I love the way it delicately moves with you and the low cut back that is accented with a pretty bow.

My adorable Kate heels are also by G Field. The bow is color change. If you subscribe to G Fields subscribo group you will get a wonderful welcome giftie, Kate heels in plum. 

Seraphina is one of TRUTH's newest designs. Don't you just love the pretty color change rose? What a extra sweet added touch! You can also make the rose invisible if you so choose.

Huggies ღ Kissies

[Styling Credits]

Dress: *G Field* - *GF* Maxi Dress "Mellow" -rose:lavender-
Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Seraphina - swedish
Jewelry: *G Field* - *GF* Pearl Set "Trinity" -white-
Heels:*G Field* - *GF* Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" -pastel pack- NEW

Ethereal Angelwing Fairies

New from Angelwing are these beautiful ethereal looking Fairy Trixy dresses. Trixy comes in a variety of pretty colors as well as pretty delicate wings and a halo of white flowers that you see me wearing with the white Trixy dress.

TRUTH's Christina and Christina2 hair just looks lovely with these new Trixy dresses. The headband and rose are color changeable.

I'm wearing the Unique Megastore's beautiful Polly skin. Polly has such beautiful sweet lips!

My eyes are the new Blue Angel eyes from FamouSity.

Huggies ღ Kissies

Dresses: **Angelwing** - **Angelwing** Trixy Dresses in Green, White and Blue NEW
Eyes: FamouSity -Eyes Blue Angel [Lick Me I Am Famous] NEW
Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Christina and Christina2 in Chestnut

Mimikri @ TDRB & FamouSity

This beautiful dress is available right now @ The Dressing Room Blue. It's by Mimikri. Mimikri is known for her well made and totally chic designs. TP over to TDRB now and snag this beauty now at a steal before it's gone! 

I'm wearing the new lovely Lick Me Im Famous Trinity skin and eyes by FamouSity. Their skins have a sweet sensuality about them. I especially love their lips! FamouSity not only sells beautiful skins and eyes they sell fab shapes as well.

TRUTH is having a huge 50% off sale going on now until September 3rd at TRUTH's shop in world. All hair is included even his newest designs! This elegant beautiful Tatiana hair is just one of the many many designs I picked up. I went more then a bit crazy but hey TRUTH makes the most gorgeous hair on the grid IMHO and right now it's at a hell of a bargain! Don't pass this sale up and snag some of his gorgeous hair at a steal while the sale lasts!

My earrings and bracelet are by Mandala. Mandala makes some of the most gorgeous jewelry on the grid! It's one of my favorite shops when I'm looking for something totally chic and unique. All of their designs are totally original and gorgeous!

Dress: Mimikri - Mimikri - Paris blush / TDR blue
Skin: FamouSity - Trinity Skin -Tan - [Lick Me I Am Famous] NEW
Eyes: FamouSity - Eyes silver Grey NEW
Jewelry: [MANDALA] - [MANDALA] PearlRain Jewelry Set FAT PACK
Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Tatiana - chocolate 50% Off SALE

Huggies ღ Kissies

Monday, August 23, 2010

Smexy Stiletto Moody's BARE Olivia

OMG! I totally squealed when I seen these heels! I was SO happy! They are soooooooo hawt! You fashionistas that read my bloggie know that I have a shoe thanggggggggg! I love love them! I'm very picky and I must say that Stiletto Moody is my favorite go-to place for the best heels on SL! Ms. Moody makes heels that are unique, well made and so gorgeous that they make me wish that I had them in RL and not just SL!

These new gorgeous Oliva's are one of those! Don't you just love the straps!? There is just something so smexy about heels with straps that are just too hawt.

The new colors for this season are 2Die4! The new shades are Cobalt Blue and Red. They are vibrant and gorgeous as you can see. The red looks like a super yummy Candy Apple! The new two tone colors like the Cobalt Blue/Robin Blue, Black/Nude and Moody signature color Badseed Red and new Red are
are chic and can make even the simplest of ensembles look fab!

Huggies ღ Kissies

Saturday, August 21, 2010

aDiva Valeries Lace & G Fields Kate


I just love aDiva! Very often she will include accessories to match the outfit in order to give you a nearly complete ensemble. No looking through your inventory or going out and buying more things. It's sooo much easier! All of the accessories are very nicely made.
I just love this delicate BoHo look, it's so sweet and in my favorite color! Pink! YaY!
G Field just introduced this absolutely darling shoes "Kate". Kate comes in lots of pretty colors. Your best bet is to purchase the fat packs @ G Field because you really do save you a lot of money. Right now G Field has 3 exclusive colors for Kate that can only be found @ the Shoe Fair. One of the colors I just had to snag "Strawberry" it's such a pretty shade of rose pink.
Old group giftie from Belleza "Elle". Belleza is one of my favorite go-to places for skins. They are always well detailed and gorgeous. Their group is well worth the $250L joining fee.

Huggies ღ Kissies
Outfit: aDiva - aDIVA Couture Valeries Midi Dress Lace/Crepe de Chine Mix Pink (NEW)
Shoes: *G Field* - *GF* Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" -pastel pack- pink (NEW)
Hair: >TRUTH< >TRUTH< -BoHo - walnut
Skin: -Belleza- - -Belleza- Elle BR SK HB (Old group giftie)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

LiNe @ SOL Fair

:::LiNe::: Orion /4ColorPAck NEW

:::LiNe::: SummerStar/4ColorPAck NEW

:::LiNe::: Yupo /4ColorPAck NEW

[Other Styling Credits]

Skin: Fhang Candy - [FC] Nicki//5StarChick/FhangCandy
Necklace: *BOOM* - *BOOM* Lily Beads (Pookie Flea Market)
Hair: >TRUTH<- >TRUTH< - Avery

Orion, SummerStar Sandals and Yupo are available only @ the SOL Fair. Orion can be mixed and matched to make many smexy and cute combos!

 Huggies ღ Kissies

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exodi's Isolde & aDiva's Asian Blossom

aDiva's new Asian Blossom dresses come in two different color combination's and styles - ie: blossom multicolor and Asian blossom in the city. Both designs are totally hawt, especially the back of the dress! It's low cut and shows off the oriental back tattoo which btw comes with the dresses as well a animated fan.
I found these new woo-den heels by Magnifico @ the shoe fair. They are so different, so hawt and so couture. I just love them! They went perfectly with my new aDiva blossom dresses.
I'm wearing Exodi's latest skin "Isolde". Isolde comes in various skin tones and make up combination's. I just love her lips they are so sensual and lush.

Huggies ღ Kissies

Dresses: aDiva - adiva couture asian blossom multicolor (NEW)
adiva couture asian blossom in the city (NEW)
Skin: :: Exodi :: - :: Exodi :: Isolde Nuit in skins 5, 8 & 10. (NEW)
Heels: Magnifico - [mm] Fano Pumps darkbrown available @ the Shoe Fair (NEW)
Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Kalista - night

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Smexylicious New TRUTH

Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Trinity Pecan NEW
Purchase: >TRUTH< - Trinity on Xstreet

Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Midori Pecan - Streaked NEW
Purchase: >TRUTH< - Midori on Xstreet

Hair: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Kami Pecan NEW
Purchase: >TRUTH< - Kami on Xstreet

Skins: Oceane's Body Boutique - FP Nubia Fudge Tan Day & Night Cleavage NEW

Dresses: A&A Fashion - A&A Fashion Dresses [TT] NEW
Pink, Black, Brown, Blue & Red.

Heels: #OC# - #OC# Mercy - Black&Pink - Box
Available only @ SOL Fair NEW

Nails: A&A Fashion - A&A Fashion Dangerous Nails2010
Pink, Black & White, Red, Blue & Silver.

Lot's of new smexy goodies here to show you!

New TRUTH hairl! He out did himself on these new styles. Midori is a lovely updo with soft curls layered in the back. I just love Kami! Check out the beautiful side view of the Kami hairstyle.

A&A Fashion always have the smexiest clothing and accessories. These new dreses are smoking hot! Don't you love the bow in the center? That touch of sweetness just puts the icing on the cake. A&A's Dangerous nails are the hawtest nails out there! They come in lots of cool colors.

Oceane's Body Boutique always makes such lovely well detailed skins with many options to suit everyone's needs. Nubia is Oceane's latest beauty. She comes in the lush gorgeous make up variations that you see here as well as different skin tones.

Huggies ღ Kissies

Friday, July 23, 2010

Convoitise & Chaisuki IFW10

These smexy Lucy dresses are from Convoitise. They come in 5 hawt colors. The textures and prims on them are just amazing. I especially love the well detailed rose and the way the dress shows off just a little bit of my tushy! ;)

Vienna is a beautiful new skin line by Chaisuki. Vienna comes in various make up combo's, skin tones, shape and lashes.

DRESSES: Convoitise - Lucy
EARRINGS: [MANDALA] - AMIDA earring/ Silver
BRACELET: [MANDALA] - TAKARA Bangle/Buddha silver/ Ring & Nail(Female)
SKIN: ***Chaisuki*** - VIENNA 01 - VIENNA 18 nougat hairbase NEW
EYES: :: Exodi :: LiM Reflection Series - Green - Look Into My - Reflection (Green)
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< Valerie -  driftwood
POSES: Ks2cool
Ks2cool Pose 9-10
Ks2cool Pose 6-10
Ks2cool Pose 7-10
Ks2cool Pose 20-20