Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEW Truth, Gabriel's Denim & MANDALA

NEW Truth hair. Jason is a hairstyle for men but I think it also looks great on us gurls. I love cool short hair styles and the edginess of this style fits the bill. Bettina's bangs are swept off to the side with pretty long wavy curls in the back. I just love love love the Sylvia hairstyle with the streaks!! Each hair colors streaks can be changed to lots of pretty cool colors with a easy menu! It even has two shades of Pink! YaY!!! Omg I love this style and hope that Truth makes more like it! Of course also come in the norm beautiful solid Truthie colors as well.

The new skin series from MonS ranges from the gurlie to dramatic. I especially love the lip color of Smug skin, it's such a pwetty shade of my favorite color pink!

Gabriel makes such well made clothing. I am totally digging these pretty ans sassy denim dresses. Love the colors that they come in. The prim skirt and collar are very easy to re size with a menu to fit your shape.

My earrings are part of Mandala's new amazing jewelry collection. Everything and I mean everything that they make is truly unique, well made and gorgeous! If you haven't been you must go! One word of caution though, you will want to buy everything in the store! XP

Huggies ღ Kissies

SKINS: *MonS - *MonS NEW!!! skin series* , Smug, Wild and Agonized used in the Cream skin tone. NEW
DRESSES: Gabriel - ::GB::DenimDresses
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH<  Bettina, Anthea, Sylvia, Jason - swedish NEW

NEW High Maintenance GROUP GIFTIES

These hawt New see through tote bags are group giftie's from COCO! You get both the pink and black version with different attachment points. You can carry the tote bag on your left or right shoulder or hand. 

COCO has tons of great gifties available for the taking! When you walk into the shop just look to your right you will see a bunch of pictures lined up on a wall with all of them shown. Just join the group and click on the pictures of the gifts that you would like.

NEW hair from TRUTH! Betinna is a lovely long wavy hairstyle.

High Maintenance (damn right! lol) boy shorts and tee for beddy bye time of just lounging around group giftie is available in the front of the store as well as two others that you will love that I will be showing!

My beautiful skin Faberge is from L Fauna, just join the group, click on the subscribo, select the history button and select to receive the skin.

Huggies ღ Kissies

BOY SHORTS & TEE: *MLC* - High Maintenance Set : by Mohna Lisa Couture - GROUP GIFTIE
SKIN: L. Fauna - L.Fauna Group Love Skin [Faberge] (wear me!) Tan 2 - GROUP GIFTIE
HAIR: >TRUTH< - >TRUTH< - Bettina - night NEW (Not Free)

Monday, May 24, 2010

N1CO's NEW Funky Bride

This gorgeous New "Funky Bride" gown is by Noreia Owen, owner and designer of N1CO. It's a bridal gown like no other I've seen, it's so unique, totally glam and sooo chic!! It has that Sex In The City vibe to it, it's definitely something that Carrie would wear! This gown is not for the shrinking violet it's more for the women who is unique, has a sense of self , a keen eye for fashion and style and is not afraid to show it!! If you are that women this is most assuredly thee perfect gown for you to shine!

The skirt portion of this gown is just gorgeous with it's sheer cutout pattern. It so graciously moves with you as you do. The bustier satin top with it's stylish collar is so glam. I just love all the lovely details like the satin lace trimmed gloves, gorgeous sculpted dramatic Lily on the front of the gown and oh... the headpiece! The headpiece is a showstopper! The chicest icing on the cake! I absolutely fell in LOVE with this gown the moment I seen it!

My jewels are by ROZOREGALIA they are one of thee best jewelry makers on SL. Yumi's designs are incredibly well made with such extra attention paid to detail that makes all of her jewelry look so realistic looking. 
What kind of a modern chic bride would I be without the ultimate in SL shoe style but to wear my glam Fay Stiletto Moody's! They go absolutely perfect with my gorgeous Funky Bridal gown!

Huggies ღ Kissies
BRIDE GOWN: N1CO - N1CO - Funky Bride NEW
HEELS: Stiletto Moody - Stiletto Moody Bare Fay (ColorSet) v1.16 (lrg)
HAIR: LAQ - LAQ ~ HB-style #07
SKIN: [KA] Designs - FATPACK [KA] SKINS GARBO-Molly Darktan

BeBe DoLLs New Cute $1L / DOLLARBIE!

This sweet new short and top set is from BeBe DoLL, available in their shop now and for ONLY 1L! What a pretty giftie for a Dollarbie! I just love the shade of blue that they chose. You can wear the top in two different ways. How cute is this!? :)

My beautiful skin and eyes are from Exodi's latest new lines. The Dael skin and Deep Series Eyes. My eyes are a beautiful shade of aquamarine blue. Their new eyes come in lots of the prettiest colors that are more in the more deeper and darker tones. I'm wearing Dael in one of my favorite skin tones that Exodi has "Nuit" and I've chosen the freckled version. It's so pretty and natural looking. I'm normally not a fan of freckles but I just had to wear this version to show you how lovely a beautifully made skin with freckles really can be. Dael comes in lot's of beautiful makeup combination's and skin tones.

Check out my sneak's! "Drunk's" by Urban Bomb Unit! They are just like RL Dunks! UBU make the coolest sneakers that come with a very easy to use color change HUD whereby you can just select the area of the sneaker that you want to color and just click it! They also have a few really cool pre made full designs for you to choose for men and women ranging from the cute and colorful to bad ass!

Huggies ღ Kissies

EYES: :: Exodi :: -:: Exodi :: Zbilja v2.0 - Deep Series NEW
SKIN: :: Exodi :: - :: Exodi :: Dael Skins -Dael Nuit - 7 (Lt/F/C) NEW
OUTFIT: *BD* Vika - May Special NEW ($1L/DOLLARBIE)
HAIR: .+*Mirai*+. - .+*Kumy*+.Lightbrown [MS]

Morantique's Lush Jewelry



Sex City


Pink Paun





A NEW gorgeous jewelry line from the always classy and always elegant Mo Miasma who has to be one of the sweetest loveliest ladies I know! She is the owner and designer of Morantique. You more then likely have seen Mo's ultra chic furniture perhaps not even knowing it was created by her but her gorgeous furniture can be seen in many shop's around SL as part of their decor. She also has made some amazing builds like her Sex In The City penthouse which is so authentic and simply to die for! Some of her jewelry was even inspired by Sex In The City! And OMG.. her newest build, the Alice In Wonderland skybox is truly amazing! You must pay Morantique a visit to see these amazing builds especially if you are a Sex In The City and Alice In Wonderland fan like me! 

Mo herself has recently created a very glam, very chic new jewelry line "Morantique Lush" and I am soooo glad she did! Everything is just so gorgeous and very well made of course like everything Mo does! I love the boldness of her pieces they make such a fashion statement. The textures are beautiful and I especially love her stones, they are clear and they sparkle like just like real ones. I hate purchasing jewels only to see that they look nothing in the picture and the stones turn out to be just awful, dull and lifeless! I can't wait to see what Mo comes up with next!

Huggies ღ Kissies
Morantique - Mo Miasma NEW
Skin & Hairpiece: [LeLutka] - [LeLutka]-LOLA-FAT PACK/SUNTAN NEW

Sunday, May 23, 2010


All these beautiful well made dresses you see here are NEW Group Giftie's from Towa! Search for the profile of Towa Lax to join the group. All of the giftie's you see here are in the group notices. There are some more goodies available for you in their shop.

I stumbled upon this NEW wonderful shape shop "VLIET Shapes". They have the most beautiful shapes, especially the faces on them, they are so lovely! This particular shape "Virgina" was made especially for LAQ skins.

Pixel Mode's NEW Baby T heels come in so many gorgeous colors! They also have a verson with cute sock's that are sooo pretty and in right now. You can see them in a previous posting HERE on SL Hawtness.

Huggies ღ Kissies

DRESSES:  .:i *Towa* i:. Group Gifties NEW
.:i *Towa* i:. Rose princess dress ( rose pink ) group gift !!
.:i *Towa* i:.  rainy drop dress
.:i *Towa* i:. purple glitter dress
.:i *Towa* i:. short wedding dress ( green rose )
SHAPE: VLIET Shapes - VIRGINIA - model shape for LAQROKI skins / by VLIET Shapes NEW
SKIN: LAQ ~ Pearl [Peach] Glow skin (10-pack)
HEELS: Pixel Mode - [PM] Baby T Plain : Fat Pack : 19 Colors (Sky), (Grass), (Hot Pink), (Purple) NEW
HAIR: fri. - Tatum.2 - Happy Blond

Vita's Boudoir Style

Sorry that I haven't been posting as I normally do but I haven't been feeling too well as of late... I plan on getting things back to norm. I'll try and bring you all of the beautiful, glam, fun, funky and totally hawt smexy fashions available that SL fashion has to offer as fast as RL constraints permit and will hopefully be back to norm asap. I've missed all my fashionistas very much and thank you all for your wonderful support in making my bloggy a success ღღღHuggies and Kissies to all of you!ღღღ

I want to start by bringing you this gorgeous Peacock inspired gown by Vita's Boudoir. It's just as beautiful as the majestic Peacock itself with all of it's glorious plumes of feathers. I just love the way the back train part of the gown was designed. It not only looks like Peacock's tail but it shaped like one also, amazing!!

Vita is a lovely, classy woman with a beautiful heart and all of her designs are a reflection of just that. She is a true one of a kind artist, yes "artist". If you aren't aware of her work all you need to do is visit her shop and you will clearly see why. I don't know how she manages to come up with a whole new design each and every time but she does. Each of her creations are truly unique and stunning in their own way. While you are visiting her shop be sure to sign up for her subscribo to be informed of all of her latest beautiful creations, special offer's and giftie's. I must say she gives out the most loveliest giftie's to her loyal customers. You can see some of her previous giftie's blogged here on SL Hawtness.

I'm wearing my classic Stiletto Moody d'Orsay heels in gold. They are soooo chic with their elongated true fashionista style pointed toe shaped heel and straps that will never go out of style. The d'Orsay heels come in so many glam colors and can be found in the original Stiletto Moody portion of the shop. You will find some of her classic beauties available for purchase there, the ones that started it all in making Stiletto the most famous, amazing and glam shoe creator for women on SL. I regret not picking up the fat pack and snagging them all. Live and learn I guess, lol. I don't make that mistake any longer where Moodys are concerned especially since there are usually special perks in some of them like exclusive colors and styles only available in the fat packs like the Anita heels, they came with a few gorgeous two toned heels! The two tones heels are not available for purchase separately.

BTW the gorgeous bracelet that Stiletto designed to celebrate the birth of her RL baby son is still available as a special group giftie for all Stiletto Moody group members in the NEW wing where her newest collection of gorgeous shoes are displayed.

To get that glam dramatic peacock effect for my lashes I started off with first applying the Rhapsody lashes by Glow and placing the beautiful peacock feather lashes by Sky Everett. Could you believe that these lashes were freebies? Me either! Sky also designs gorgeous classic furniture so don't worry when you TP in and see furniture every where. You aren't in the wrong place. She as placed several set's of pretty lashes out in her shop for free in the hair section of her shop.

My earrings I picked up for free at a shop called Talisman. They are gold with pretty peacock peacock feathers dangling from them. They have lot's of freebie and dollarbie jewelry there for you to snag, some pretty like the ones I'm wearing and some fun kitschy cute type of earrings like Pac Man and toast, LOL.

I found these Opals and Gold bangle bracelets that have the beautiful colors of the dress in them that make them a perfect match. You can find lots of different kinds of bracelets in the upper level of the shop.

Love, Huggies ღ Kissies

DRESS: Vita's Boudoir - Esibelle dress
HEELS: Stiletto Moody - Stiletto Moody d'Orsay (Gold Patent) v3.01 (lrg)
BRACELETS: G SLOANE COUTURE - Opals and Gold bracelets
EARRINGS: Talisman - Hera Peacock Feather Earrings FREEBIE
LASHES: Sky Everett - Sky Everett Designs-eyelash peacocktop & bottom (Layer 2)FREEBIE
LASHES: [ glow ] studio - Rhapsody [ glow ] studio - Lashes - Peacock (Layer 1)
HAIR PIECE: booN - booN hairpieces BOTA76 gold

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Keepin' it Egyptian

I always have a hard time trying to find really authentic looking latin skins.  This isn't technically a latin skin persay, but it is definitely latin looking!  Along with the many other great skins Unique has I stumbled upon this one, and I thought it was so flippin' cool, especially the one with the tattoo under the eye, perfect for a Egyptian party, or if you are just feeling the Egyptian vibe.  Personally however, I began using it just as a casual skin, depending on the day since there are a variety of choices and styles, including chest hair for those so inclined, so you can really add this into your set of skins you just like to want to use.

They placed plenty of attention to detail on the muscles and just the overall sculpting of the body curves in a man.  Especially since I don't wear the usual shape and it still looks great!  I would definitely recommend this for any guy out there wanting a lightly tanned skin with a browner hue, not as reddish as I've seen some come.  I've got some more skins from Unique coming your way though to check out!

Keep it hawt and fresh,
Carlos Kirshner

Skins - UNIQUE MEGASTORE - Egyptian Male skin Full Pack (by UNIQUE MEGASTORE)
Underwear - Armidi - Intimizzo Mens Underwear (Thanks to my angel for the gift, love you baby!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sweet NEW Truth

Truth has out three lovely hairstyles Marcelle, Shinji and Paula. Marcelle's hair is long and parted on the side with cute bangs that are swept off to the side. Shinji has two small cute pigtails on either side with long hair down the back. The Paula hairstyle is pulled back into a bun with loose lovely strands of hair on either side.

My gorgeous skin is from Fhang Candy. Michi Fhang, Fhang Candy's owner gave me a amazing prezzie when she made and named Goli after me. You can find Goli @ Fhang Candy in several beautiful make up combo's and with/without a hairbase There still might even be the special group giftie Goli skin available at her shop. 

I'm wearing two pretty short dresses from OoEas!, they come in several colors.

Mo Miasma of Morantique just released her Lush collection. Each piece is more beautiful then the next! Everything that that Mo creates is always so well made and chic.

Huggies ღ Kissies

HAIR: >TRUTH< - Marcelle, Shinji and Paula NEW
SKIN: Fhang Candy - [FC] Goli
EARRINGS: Morantique - Morantique/Pink Paun earrings NEW
DRESSES: OoEas! - OoEas! "Prestige" Dress in "Pink" & "Key Lime"
BRACELETS: Pacadi Jasha - [} Jasha {] Spring Bangle - Pink (No longer available, shop closed)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

SmeXy Manuella in Moody's & Goth1c0

SKINS: SmeXy  - SmeXy Manuella Full set NEW
HAIR: booN  - booN UPP382 hair black
NECKLACE: Goth1c0 - Goth1c0: Chain Necklace black metal (chest)
EARRINGS: **Temptation** - **Temptation**Earrings Black

DRESSES: Goth1c0 - Goth1c0: Dark Wishes corset dress
BRACELET: Goth1c0 - Goth1c0: The -B- bracelet in black
POSES: [doll.] - [doll.] The 'Capri' Reclining Chair
NAILS: Mstyle - Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails Hud

SHOES: Stiletto Moody - Stiletto Moody Bare Lucille (ColorSet) v1.11 (lrg)

I stumbled up a wonderful skin shop "SmeXy" and fell in love! SmeXy's skins are sooo beautiful! I tried on many demo's and there wasn't a bad one in the bunch! All of them just looked so beautiful on me. I love their skintones they are just so lovely. Manuella comes in 5 different makeup's with hairbase/no hairbase options and that face of her's is so sensual with those pouty yummy lips and that perfectly placed beauty mark! Wow! 

Goth1c0's Corset dresses are Smexy to the max! They come in several in lots of hawt colors and are well detailed. I especially love the back of the corset's with the lacing and the fact that you can see just a hint of the panties! Talk about SMEXY?!

Goth1c0 also makes some awesome jewelry as well. The chain necklace has that s&m kind of look to it that is so hawt, it also comes in silver and gold. The B- bracelet has the word Bitch written on it, lol. Love it! 

No other shoes and I mean no other.. would be more perfect to make this total hawtness complete except for Stiletto Moody's Lucille's with it's unique heels, straps and buckles and gorgeous colors!

Huggies ღ Kissies

LeLutka's Lo-lo-lo-lo LOLA

Beautiful NEW skins from Lelutka.. and her name is Lola. Each Lola skin comes with 11 different lipstick colors that you can wear on the tattoo layer in the new 2.0 viewer. Each skin also comes with eyelashes, light and dark hairbases, eyebrows and two pretty hair pieces (not shown here) that you wear with the hairbase. 

Huggies ღ Kissies

SKIN:  [LeLutka] -  [LeLutka]-LOLA-FAT PACK/LIGHT(wear or rez) NEW
SKIN:  [LeLutka] -  [LeLutka]-LOLA-FAT PACK/SUNTAN(wear or rez) NEW

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hyper Culture's NEW Signora

Hyper Culture released these two new black lace sophisticated and smexy dresses. Signora with the beautiful lace collar and Signora 2 without. Christensia always creates such beautiful designs and HC's lace fashions have been a favorite of mine.

NEW gorgeous earrings from Morantique! Mo not only makes the most chicest well made furniture on the grid by far but now she is also making jewelry! All I can say is WOW... each piece is truly gorgeous, unique and oh so chic just like Mo herself! I will be showing you much more of Mo's gorgeous new jewels in up in coming posties!

I'm wearing LeLutka's newest lovely skin LOLA. I hate the SL viewer with a passion. The skins comes with a basic lipstick base and 11 different lipstick's from you to choose from that you can only use and view with SL's new viewer. The new viewer... ugh.. well. the navigation alone is simply horrid and that is just one issue but for Lola I am trying, lol.

Huggies ღ Kissies

DRESSES: Hyper Culture - HC - Black Lace Collection - Signora & HC - Black Lace Collection - Signora 2 NEW
EARRINGS: Morntique - Morantique/Boudoir earrings NEW
SKIN:  [LeLutka] -  [LeLutka]-LOLA-FAT PACK/LIGHT(wear or rez) NEW

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

50L Fhang Candy Skins @ Cupcakes!

Three beautiful Fhang Candy skins ONLY 50L each @ Cupcakes court yard sale! These skins are all NEW and made especially for this event and available for TODAY ONLY!!! So snag these beauties while you can at this amazing price!

Fhang Candy's vendor @ the Cupcake court yard sale
Fhang Candy's Shop @ Cupcakes

Huggies ღ Kissies